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Interview with Danny from North Side Kings

In October 2008, I had the oppotunity to interview Danny from NSK love 'em or hate 'em
to me they are fun, in your face and often controversial... But always entertaining:

North Side Kings have just released their 4th Full length “Suburban Royalty” on one of Europes longest running Punk & Hardcore labels Iscream Records.
The crew from NSK are far from shy when it comes to speaking their mind and have in my opinion produced the most fun and entertaining hardcore I have heard in a long time.

I speak with vocalist/guitarist Danny about all things NSK.

For the people at home who do not know much about NSK could you give a brief history of the band? How long ago did NSK form?

Did all members start off in the Mob 40s?

Luke was from the Mob 40's. We started in 2000 and Luke (Who was still in the Mob 40's when he sang a track on our first record) joined in 2001. But he is the only one from that band.

Over the years NSKs sound has changed from what I would consider a Street Punk/Hardcore crossover to the tighter Thrash Metal influenced sound heard on the last two cds. Why is that? Different drummers bring a different influence I guess. Plus when writing the last two records I was going through some rough stuff internally. It just made us write heavier stuff I guess.

NSK has covered many bands Anti-Nowhere League, Social Distortion to name a few. Are the bands you covered with the exception of “Home Of The Brave” on the split with UKHC legends Stampin’ Ground (R.I.P) a direct influence in your music?
Oh yea – I listen to a lot of old thrash and hardcore so that stuff is imbedded in my mind when it comes to writing!

I had heard tracks from “Suburban Royalty” in 2006; 2 years before its actual release.

Was there a reason for the delay with the cd coming out in 2008?
Label stuff, plus I closed my business. Like I said, these last few years had me making some major changes in my life and shit just went on hold! Tom had another kid; shit non of us are in our twenties anymore! Life can sure fuck with you!

Did it have anything to do with the departure from Thorp Records?
There was never a “departure” with Thorp. He is still a very good friend of mine and always will be. It was just time for a change and I Scream was the change we needed.

Why did you choose Iscream over Thorp this time?
Fresh starts always make things more exciting. We landed a great partnership with I Scream and are very excited to do more records with them.

Puerto Rican Myke guests on the new full length on “Hustle Don’t Stop” & “Nice Girls Finish Last” How did that collaboration come about?
Shit, you would think me and that crazy dude grew up together since we were little kids the way we get along! I always thought Myke was a master at his craft. Me and him hit it off instantly a few years back. After talking about doing something together I got him some music and he wrote the lyrics in literally twenty minutes! He is amazing! We started a new band called The Co-Defendants together – keep an eye out for it!

Danny you have probably answered this question too many times to count but few people in Australia would know much about it but I can sum up the question with one name…

Danzig? What happened? Is there a rematch planned?
He is a poser. He won’t fight me again. I’m no tough guy but I have so much hatred towards him I would rip his guts out with my bare hands if we ever met again. He doesn’t stand a chance.

Can you elaborate on why you “wanna kill all the Street Trash”?
It’s a movie – check it out!!!! One of the coolest 80’s horror flicks that everyone forgot about. It’s called Street Trash and the song is about the film! You need to see it if you haven’t!

All my time involved in hardcore I have believed that it is music for the working class, For people that do live or have lived hard and whilst time does change; I am needless to say disappointed by most bands that claim to be Hardcore. What is your opinion on the state of Hardcore today?
Listen, music is a business and for the bands that are successful at what they are doing, whether I say it sucks or not, if they can make a living more power to them. I don’t really listen to a lot of new stuff, I am still rocking Age of Quarrel like I was as a teenager. Even the new records I buy are from older bands that are still doing stuff like Madball or Murphy’s Law. I am out of the loop. As for bands being fashionable or working more on their image than the music; it shows and everyone with half a brain knows.

Could you tell me about the site When did you start working on it?
The site is owned by me and my partner Brandon. Its been up for a year and a half now. Horror movies, articles, reviews, interviews, a monthly gore girl – its definitely interesting to say the least! I am a huge horror fan and it’s always been a passion of mine to write about monster stuff. Oh and exploitation/blaxploitation stuff. If you check out the site, sign up on the message board we are always giving away cool shit!

I grew up listening to all the great Thrash Metal & Crossover bands of the mid to late 80’s to early 90’s and was amazed that you have chosen to cover Among The Living originally by Anthrax on the new cd. Why is that? Did you consider covering anything else?
We plan on doing a whole cover album eventually. We love playing covers. At our CD release party we covered Skagheads by The Business as well as The Anti-Nowhere League track For You and Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation! Among The Living was one of my favorite records as a kid and that opening riff is super hard. Plus I love The Stand. We have some stuff in line for a cover record from Joe Jackson, Billy Joel, to Carnivore and The Day-Glo Abortions. It will be a fun record!

Any last words?
We appreciate everyone’s kind words about the new CD. The reaction towards it has been amazing. Spread the word to your friends about us!

You can pick up North Side Kings latest full length "Suburban Royalty" from Iscream Records and Interpunk

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